About Arlene Bohn Art

Arlene is a self-taught artist and she has been painting and drawing since as long as she can remember. She grew up in Elkford but moved away for a few years as a young adult, and then moved back again to marry her husband and to where they have raised their three amazing children. To this day, she feels truly blessed by Elkford’s beautiful and bountiful wilderness she gets to wake up and see every day. Inspired by God, people and nature, creativity naturally flows out of her. It wasn’t until 2018 when she attended her first potter’s wheel throwing class she was instantly hooked! Pottery is her new passion and it is her favorite genre at this time. It gives her the ability to combine together both her artistic painting skills and her pottery skills to create something unique and original. Today, she feels like she has not even come close to reaching the tip of the iceberg to what she feels she can creatively achieve with pottery. She looks forward to sharing her pottery journey with the world.

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